the jock itch

lemme try tweaking an old adage -

"all work and no play makes ash a horndog."

that goes for too much stress hormones flowing through my veins the past two weeks. a corroding overdose which must have haywired the rest of my pituitary juices, including this boner-ducing, cum-collecting sortie.

i'm going to call this x-filey an itch, as it has become one. from down there. not literally, of course. but striking off as a "green" compulsion. anytime, and at no moments notice. not even a spark needed to ignite.

but what's characteristic about this hoopla, this horntardation's prey were all non-imaginary. not some man-love taking on the mythical facade of the likes of papa p. all took off from either my past, or the current. or flying from things i closeted to do.

firstly, there was the missis. my first and most convenient line of outlet to dissipate this pressure cooking. who took careful note of this sudden surge in libido. but who took the excesses as "bastos" while i was only striking at every opportunity to graze. i always need to remind myself of this edict. that for women, each is a full fledged ritual. while for us, dear male readers, it is only just a walk in the park.

missis was then, an easy quota to reach. plan b please.

now this basketball guy whom i shared a ring hooping balls, one weekend afternoon, got a handful of parking space over at dreamland. a jock in the making and pleasantly charming, he was all sweat. the sweet-smelling kind. and for christsakes, turning up in court wearing only sandos and boxers! who wouldnt like to go elbow tagging or even within rubbing distance while playing defense to him? to his defense, he was exceptionally good at dribbling. while i took the time passing glances eyeing on his crotch. another mental note - cotton briefs get soggy at the deluge of sweat.

bar none, the rest of these clandestine visions took form with my long time badminton partner. yeah, call it incestuous. but sue me for clinging on to an amateur dick magnet himself. he stands about as tall as i am, a tad skinny-er, err... leaner, than myself. yet took the better and fairer of the vanity genes known to genomics. i'd say he's a pubescent and pinoy version of mtv vj utt. and i never realized how close intimate i was to this guy until now. think numerous butt tappings, chest bangings, locker room changes and alcohol binging. hell we've even shared toiletries and clothes in the interest of commonality. at one point while bedridden with a viral infection, he was alone and helpless in his pad. i took some groceries and medicine to his place, took his pile of laundry out to the shop. and offered a sponge bath to pacify the high grade fever. yes, i've seen him wearing his birthday suit. accidentally, of course. and without malice. *wink*

now he's migrated first world. and im stuck with the last fantasy of him and his embrace. in bed. and in the nude. *wink* *wink*

so what's the moral of this story? none. even call it immoral for the matter.

i'm lucky i dont sleep talk.

NB: Pardon my slur.

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  1. engel says

    men. although vj utt was fly. good choice ash. good choice!

    Tyra Banks says

    pirmi ga-katol ang imo, noh?

    ay, bigatot ka!


    MkSurf8 says

    i got caught because I sleep talked. =)

    rudeboy says

    @ ash : So, are you gonna make a play for those basket balls?

    @ MKSurf8: I hear
    The secrets that you keep
    When you're talkin'
    In your sleep

    xtian1978ii says

    hehe parang ang hirap naman. I do sleep talk :(

    Anonymous says

    it's one of those days ash. it's like a fever you can't sweat out. haha.

    iurico says

    moral of the story - grab the opportunity when it strikes. No pun intended. :-)

    Sometimes, some things are "risked." Makes life more spontaneous and liberating. But then again, maybe that's just me. :-)

    ash says

    don't settle for crumbs when you can have the birthday cake. :D

    @Tyra Banks
    kung gakatol ang buto, ilugod sa tarugo. :p

    @MkSurk8 @xtian1978ii
    scary! now i need to practice shutting up while asleep.

    ball or saber, it doesn't matter. i heard the buzz about your swordfights. ;)

    Haha.. I heard the cure for a hot lad is a douse of ice.

    and by opportunity, you mean an object? haha..

    diin ka na kalagaw dira? :)

    iurico says

    @Ash - Nakakaintindi na ako! hehehe. Uhm, we've been to Mambukal - we went to the freakin' 7 falls! Sobrang layo at ang init! Nognog na ako.

    Sa bars naman - nakapunta na ako MO2 Ice, tropics(?), Ibiza - all in one week. hehehehe.

    cloud says

    birthday suit

    me like that


    citybuoy says

    hala ka! haha

    vj utt is pretty cute. sayang naman wala na yung badminton partner mo. haha

    "so what's the moral of this story? none. even call it immoral for the matter."

    it's not immoral. haha i think idleness brings out the horndog in everyone.

    take a cold shower. never worked for me but i hear it's supposed to for most people.

    Knoxxy says

    ill sleep with you. hehehe

    ash says

    Sweet! See you then in my dreams ;)