the october affair

"Alive. Alive. Both of them."
- Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox

lil' boy sam took a long time out.
halloween's mark was the end of tunnels light.
work got in all of ash's way.
caught in distraught with a high profile case.

no affair in between.
men or women for that matter.
just seemingly tortuous days. still spilling onto endless nights.
the whole gregorian cycle. wasted on a paid fight.

each moment is a stretch, no more to spare.
the tick tock wand all in payrolls hand.
thats why this closed book made no click nor register.

still here, yes i am.
but the long wait it now over.
no more spiders web to thread on.
not another day to fallow from.

7 comment/s:

  1. Tristan Tan says

    Welcome back Ash. :)

    rudeboy says

    Hey, Ash, been a while.

    Tyra Banks says

    teh, na-miss ka namin ni kate at ni hannah!

    engel says

    welcome back ash and sam! kala ko binaha ka na nun. Nice to know you're back!!

    ash says

    @Tristan Tan @rudeboy @engel
    thanks! i guess ill see you again on the fastlane :)

    @Tyra Banks
    lola, bring on the runway! ;)

    Anonymous says

    good to have you back bro! :)

    xtian1978ii says

    I'm a fan ng atemis fowl series. It's been a while nga, welcome back.