touch me, just like that

"nakaligo ka na?"

was the first question i raised upon his entrance. he made a half-smile. then shook his head in a pleasant disagreement.

i didn't know how to act. what to say. we were trapped sharing equal moments of silence, as if one was waiting for the other to take the first bite. the ceiling was a handy companion taking on blank stares. the room felt like an oversized elevator with two passengers on a prolonged trip up.

too much frost fueling the chill. a second more, i might scare him to retreat. so i got him a towel.

which he readily grabbed, then placed on top of a table. his next steps were tacit. casually, he started taking off his clothes. while my eyes remain wandering at all places apart from his.

then the last piece of clothing he left unremoved. his stack of outerwear neatly folded alongside the towel. i've seen him in this same garb, or lack of it, just the other day. he looked sinfully boyish wearing them boxers. apart from that, it was all skin. dangerously the inviting kind. i glanced a second too long. the garter holding his underwear hanging treacherously far below the navel. too inviting.

as he went into the bathroom, the door was left partially open.

touch me, just like that
and that,
oh, yeah, now, that’s heaven
now, that i like
god, that’s so nice
now lower down, where the figs lie

the sound of gushing water and twisting showerhandles resonated. a heightened sense of listening when one cannot see.

an invitation? damn such non-verbal cues. he wasn't playing it as any wet, willing and desperate man would do - direct and explicit. i took a sit in a bed corner, blindly staring at the tv, in hopes of catching any form of insight. food for thought for this folly that i fell for.

the banyo was now silent, devoid of any activity. i was still sitting at the bed corner.

he came out in a towel. fresh. clean. clammy. ready for the taking. i was striving to send out a telepathic message. just one word. and three letters. s e x.

words that never left my mind. nor did it come out of my mouth.

worse part, he was as naive as i was. there staring at the room avoiding full eye contact.

"antok ka pa?" i was struggling to initiate a short talk.

for which he drew closer, now sitted next to me. and telling what went through last night until a few hours ago with his friends. he was still on his towel, still tucked a few inches below his belly button.

the conversation succeeded for a brief moment. a few more chit chats, then again silence enveloped the scene. both of us were just staring at the television set. a music channel.

it was a tounge twisting impasse. no word falling from any of the neural cortices towards the mouth. i was desperate to cut off the dead air.

then, without warning, i felt a hand. then an arm. a gentle embrace radiating my shoulder. with such warmth i could just close my eyes and let the moment linger.

i stared at him. he hanged his head over my left shoulder. his hair now brushing the surface of my lips.

then the impossible happened. my hand swayed over and landed on his crotch.

where i go, when i go there
no more shadows anymore
only men with golden fins
the rhythm in them, rocking with them, to shore

where i go, when i go there
no more weeping anymore
only in and out your lips
the broken wishes, washing with them, to shore

in conclusion: the winds sigh

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  1. anteros' dominion says


    may excitement akong nararamdaman

    (pasok dito ang awitin ni tina paner--tamis ng unang halik)


    Tyra Banks says

    hand on crotch?

    that's it?!

    citybuoy says

    a stunning follow-up to your previous post. bitin nanaman. hehe

    i feel like i'm seeing more of your human side with these posts. keep 'em coming!

    Jay Vee says

    BB! PG-13 na toh, sana di umabot sa R-18.. :p

    ash says

    @anteros' dominion
    haha. abangan ba?
    the score is actually from a theater act called "spring awakening"

    @Tyra Banks
    Have something else in mind? :p

    haha. bro, does it have to turn to the lustful side to make it more real?

    @Jay Vee
    hmmm... sige. try kong gawing GP ang kasunod.

    Dhon says

    >Hahaha.. very detailed.. :P can't wait for the next chapter

    xtian1978ii says

    wow, that went well after all
    ash hindi pala ikaw nagmamake ng 1st move?

    give me a month, and the old me will rise again, it's hunting season once again

    it's time to buy new sim haha

    iurico says

    "then the impossible happened. my hand swayed over and landed on his crotch." ------ Yeah, right! you call that impossible?! you're giving the word a whole new meaning...

    *Insert rolling eyes emoticon here.

    LOL. Seriously, this has got to be one of the sweetest entries I've ever read.

    engel says

    this post made my day. =)

    Anonymous says

    This is very inviting, Sam. How ironic.

    ash says

    i will. thanks for dropping by.

    bro, don't count months. give yourself tomorrow. you deserve it.

    sweetest? or wettest? haha. seriously. it took me a lot of thinking whether to post this.

    the pleasure is mine. thanks!

    come as you please bro. ;)

    Anonymous says


    Pretty sensual! Woot woot!

    Anonymous says

    Hmm, I hope you are not serious with that, man. ;)

    tim says

    wow, awesome huh!!!! this is reall great..

    POPOY says

    hahaha na excite ako dun ha...